Saturday, April 3, 2010

16- every three weeks....

Well, as anticipated, today was a REST DAY.  Once every three weeks, like clockwork.  Luckily, by the time I got off work, the winds had reached hurricane levels and it had started to rain and it was even worse once I got home to my parents' house.  Sooo, its a sign.  I'm not sure what to do about my long run for this weekend.  I'm training through Boston, and ran 19 last week, so I'm thinking something in the 15-17 mile range for tomorrow.  I'm hoping the rest will do my leggies good, because this week working + working out seemed to tucker them out!

Work today was really fun.  We brought our product down to Eastern Market in Detroit, which is basically a huge farmers' market.  Myself and the assistant manager worked the booth and time flew by!  It was really cool too because Detroit actually seemed cool and alive vs. ghetto and lame.  Other than waking up at 4am it was a good day, and now I have a few precious days off before going back to my normal teaching + bakery life.  At the market too, I bought a bunch of local produce and stuff.  I joked to my boss that I spent about 2 hours worth of my paycheck at the market!  Funny....but probably true.....

And now I'm home at my parents to celebrate Easter.  They are currently screaming at the TV about the MSU game.  Ha, good times.

Happy Easter everyone! :)

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