Saturday, May 1, 2010

28- Obama- mania!

Today was nuts at the bakery/in town in general, as President Obama was the commensement speaker at my college's graduation.  Sadly, I don't even remember who our speaker was last year....hmm, wasn't too memorable..... Anyway, the city was jammed and there was lots of security and traffic.  Luckily, I got to work (in a crazy lightening storm!) before it all began.  Annd, since I got out of work at 2pm and there was still lots of traffic to get out of town (I had to drive back to my parents'), I took the opportunity to do my "bakery loop" run.  I ran from the bakery down to campus.  It was super hot and windy, which felt nice and summery.  I purposely tried to keep my pace slow because my legs were feeling so dead and I have my LR tomorrow morning.  It was fun seeing parents' sitting on couches in nice clothes on front porches of student ghetto houses, looking awkward and uncomfortable.  Seeing the graduates also was another reminder of how happy I am to be DONE with school and how much I fully love the 'real world.' (vs. the 'student' world).  The tail end of my run was a bit...uncomfortable...due to some digestive distress.  I just hope I get it all out of my system (literally) before my LR tomorrow.

Tonite is all about accomplishing stuff.  As I mentioned I have to work for the Bakery again tomorrow.  I say 'for' because I won't actually be working there, I'll be doing a 'demo' at a local upscale market that sells our products.  This means talking it up with people with lots of $$ for four hours/giving out samples/trying to sell stuff.  Good times.  The worst part is, the market that I'm going to is right by my parents' house.  Sooo, I have to drive an hour to pick up the stuff from the bakery, drive and hour back to the market, demo for four hours, then drive an hour back to the bakery to drop everything off!  It wouldn't bug me so much if I didn't have to do my LR BEFORE hand.  Looks like it will be another wakeup in the 4s....

It's all good though.  Working is good.  Demos are fun.  Making money is necessary to the extreme right now.  Waking up early is character building ;)

Looks like I'm destined to be in bed when the sun is still up.....again.....

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  1. i secretly like those really early mornings because they make me feel soooo hardcore :)