Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 Reasons to be pumped!

Oh man, I'm in a great mood tonite.  Here are my "Reasons to be Pumped":

1) done with the work week!  sunday = weekend for me!
2) my apartment in SPARKLING thanks to my hard work cleaning this evening.
3) I get to see my sis and bro in law tomorrow (first time since Christmas)
4) I get to eat delicious food tomorrow at a high class brunch- BUFFET style (they lose money on me!)
5) said #4 is happening because tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY! :)
6) said #5 means I get some presents tomorrow
7) I'm running a trail 1/2 marathon in the morning! (emphasis on 'running' vs. racing)
8) I just ate frozen yogurt for dinner
9) my mom and I are going to Ikea tomorrow after brunch to look for stuff for my new place- my Ikea cherry will officially be popped!
10) I'm about to curl up in bed with "Again to Carthage" and it is only 8:38pm.  Love.  Sleep.

All in all, good today and good tomorrow.  Don't worry, I'll race recap + new training plan precap soon!  For now, I'm off to relax on my last evening as a 23 year old!

1 comment:

  1. yahoo get pumped! some awesome reasons to be happy :)

    can't wait to read the rr as well as the training plan. you are so crazy for doing two marathons so close together. but in a i-bow-down-to-you kind of crazy :P

    and it's almost tomorrow here so HAPPY BIRTHDAY