Monday, April 12, 2010

7- One Week!

Yahoo!  T-1 week!  I'm getting so excited!  Although I am training through this race and not officially tapering, this week in general will be alittle lighter in the sense that I won't run more than once per day, and I will take Saturday off.  I don't want to arrive in Hopkinton tired/sluggish, but I also know that I won't be as fresh as if I had tapered for reals. 

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the whole experience.  It is nice having it be my second year- I kind of know what to expect and I feel like I am taking a really good attitude toward the race itself.  Plus, I get to take a day off of work ;)  All good.

Today was an easy 7 miles.  4 up to the gym, and 3 with my mom.  I decided to skip the strength training at the gym, as it seemed to irritate my SI joint last week.  Instead, I biked for awhile and stretched, which was good.  Work, errands, and here I am!  Tomorrow is a long day of teaching, so I'm going to hop in bed soon.  My cold and/or allergies is still kicking my butt pretty bad, so extra rest never hurts!  Atleast that's what I tell myself when I get in bed when it is still light out......


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  1. hope you can get some rest and sleep. i wish i had the time to crawl into bed when it's still light out! sadly there is plenty of work to be done in my world :(

    good call with your training week this week. what are your plans for boston? i'm assuming that youre in the first wave (i'm in the second) but hopefully we can meet up at some point!