Saturday, April 17, 2010

2- Well here we are.....

This chronicle started on 102 days, and is now fittingly ending 100 days later, with 2 days to go.  Don't worry, I new countdown will start up for Bayshore next week! ;P  This is just my last chance to blog before hopping on a flight to Boston!!!

Honestly, I cannot believe how fast the time has passed.  Between my two jobs, training, and trying to maintain an occasional social life (and my sanity) suddenly "Boston Weekend" is here.  Since this is my last pre-Boston post I've basically just slept since I posted yesterday, I decided to share my 'list of tangibles.'  These are things that I will draw upon in the race.  Accomplishments of my training that no bad time or bad feeling can take away.  What I will draw upon when the going gets tough.  And why I will succeed.

1) 4am runs before the bakery
2) Double and Triple days when I could
3) Swimming 3x per week to balance out my running
4) "Heartbreak Hill" repeats (only my hill was longer and steeper ;P so I'm extra ready)
5) 800 repeats on the track - 10 @ 2:55
6) Tempo runs with my running friend
7) Dropping my pace on most of my runs and finding my 'new comfortable'
8) Prioritizing running over many other things in my life
9) Fitting in training around 2 jobs + my commute
10) Completing long runs in 3 different cities!

So those are the facts.  I know that with the marathon, nothing is given.  I thought I was 100% ready for Philly, only to tank it.  Even with the above being true, I could have a bad race.  And, I'm not planning on going full out because I need to do that at Bayshore, 5 weeks from today.  However, I'm proud to say that at this moment, I have done all that I could.

Bring it on Boston!  I'm ready.

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  1. yes you are so tough :) yay!! have a safe flight :)