Thursday, April 1, 2010

18- You never regret a run

Oh man, long day today!  Passover + Easter + 80 degree weather = busy day at the bakery!  Special sandwich orders, pasties, and the usual prep, plus constantly being called to work up front.  Annd, I had to stay late so I was there 5am-2:30pm.  Needless to say I was SO READY to get out into the beautiful day!

The problem being, it was almost 3pm and I meet my running group at 6pm.  Butt, I wanted to get in some "Heartbreak Hill" repeats as I usually do on Thursdays.  Let me tell you- I was SO not feeling it.  I debated as I was driving about just not, and running easy in the evening.  That's the point when I always remind myself that you never regret a run, but will almost always regret not running.  Sooo, I pulled into downtown about a mile from the hill, did a quick change (into a tanktop and shorts!!! 80 degrees!!!) and started off.  It was a quicky, because I needed a few minutes between runs, so it went something like this:

1 mile wu @ 7:20
3/4 mile hill @ 8:08
downhill rest @7:25
3/4 mile hill @ 8:10
downhill rest @ 7:26
1 mile cooldown @ 8ish I think

I only had 40 minutes on the meter, so that was my time limit!  Overall, the 5 miles were 7:54 pace which I am pleased with.  It was super hot- I loved it!  And, I did the repeats almost 30 seconds per mile faster than 2 weeks ago! Yay!  I was happy afterall that I did this workout.

Came home, changed into non-sweaty clothes, pounded a smoothie and was back on my way to meet my running group.  Super-easy run tonite.  My legs/quads were dead though, from the hills!  Then, we stuffed packets for an upcoming race.  Nice evening just chilling out talking running with good people. 

And suddenly it is 9pm and I'm wondering where the day went!  I need to pack and get ready to do it all over again.  I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty beat- in my body and just fatigue from early mornings.  So much for a 'break!'  Ha, isn't that how it always works?

Running wise- tomorrow will be EASY.  One run.  And I'm going to make it slow.  I need some recovery after doing doubles and triples everyday this week!

Did I mention that I LOVE this weather!?!?!

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  1. sooooooo true to the title of the post. although i have done some "stupid runs" but you can always learn from those i guess....

    and this warmer weather is just fabulous for running. it makes me want summer sooooooooo bad. great job today with those hills. you are still such a rockstar. i can't even fathom doing all you do with life stuff and then train on top of it!!