Monday, April 5, 2010

14- loving the weather. and life.

Quicky again tonite.  Here's the scoop.

Today was a lovely day in my neck of the woods.  Began the day with a 10 miler.  7 miles up to the gym @7:47 pace, then 3 miles with my mom (8:50ish).  Strength training afterward.  I'm alittle worried cuz my SI joint (my injury from the start of this training cycle) is acting up tonite and I think its from the strength moves that I did.  I will stick with swimming from here on out!

Got lots done today, all in beautious weather!  Got to do my prep work on the deck, get some groceries and I met my mom for an amazing dinner at this hippy place that uses all local ingredients and such.  Perfect. 

I'm alittle nervous about my SI joint, other than that, life is GOOD.  2 weeks till Boston!  I'm getting EXCITED! :)

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