Saturday, May 8, 2010

21- 3 weeks! Woot!

Only 3 weeks until my big day!  Getting SO PUMPED for Bayshore! :)

Today is was like winter out there!  I ran my first run at 5:30am before my mom and I were off to the Science Olympiad thing.  The wind was gusting like CRAZY which was super-annoying for it being so early.  I actually felt really good though- 8 miles in 1:00:52, with mostly negative splits and the last one at 7:20.  So nice to finish strong for a change!

Then, my mom and I were on the road by 7:30.  The competition went well, and we should have been out by 12noon, but the scoring people messed stuff up and we had to stick around until after 2pm!  Then do a million errands on the way home.  By the time we got home it was post 4pm, and windier than ever.  I knew my mom wanted to get a run in, and I wanted to hit my milage for the day, so we set out on a 3 miler.  Windy, but good.  Plus, I'm obsessed with running with my mom.  I love it.  Grocery shopping and a good dinner out, and here I am.  I'm nervous because.....

I'm attempting my 'jinxed' long run tomorrow morning.  Remember how last week it was literally the worst run of my life?  Yeah, I'm trying really hard to not have that happen again.  I seriously think that I am cursed.  So I need to break that.  Although I'll still be up early-ish to do it, it won't be quite as bad of conditions as last week when I had to get up soooo early because of work.  So anyway, moral of the story is - please send your strenghtening/fast thoughts my way! :)

Hope y'all are having a great weekend and that the weather is better than 40 degrees/rainy/windy of here!

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  1. windy is sooo not fun to run in but i like to think of it at mother natures resistance training. glad you were able to run with your mom that sounds soooo nice!

    good luck with the long run in the morning. i'm sending fast thoughts your way although you might not want them from me as i was plagued with iffy long runs during my training haha