Friday, May 7, 2010

22- end of the longest week ever!

Finally, the week(s) are over!  I'm home with my mom, we set up the science competition and are all set to go back and do it in the morning.  Both jobs + a run too today. My run was super short because I trying to squeeze it in between jobs.  Since it was really cold/stormy out, I took the opportunity to check out my apartment gym that is REALLY nice.  It was actually fun to run on the treadmill and watch the rain.  As I was running, I noticed a sign that said our pool was open!  I was sweating so much as I was running and looking at the pool and put the idea together in my head.  Done running -> out the door -> take off shirt -> jump in pool!  It felt amazing- rain and all!  I wanted to stay in forever, but alas, job #2 called!

Anyway, tomorrow will be a busy day with running very early, followed by the science competition all morning, and perhaps another run later with my mom if I don't have enough time to get my milage in in the morning.  I'm just happy to not be at either job tomorrow or Sunday.  Simple pleasures.

Off to enjoy some mom-time! :)


  1. Are you still training? What's your next race?

  2. Yes, I'm in training for my 'main marathon' ie: Bayshore in Traverse City. I ran Boston a few weeks back 'for fun' ha, if that's possible! 3 weeks till Bayshore! Yikes!

  3. have fun at the science competition! i wish my community had done those when i was growing up. enjoy the weekend off of working, much deserved for you girl :)