Sunday, May 23, 2010

6- better than Christmas!

Today was just that- better than Christmas!  I got 12 hours of sleep, got to grocery shop so I have more than rice cakes and PB to eat, got to run with friends, had a delivery of 4 running books waiting for me at my apartment, anddd it was 80+ degrees!  Love it.

Backing up....

I slept long/hard last night and felt like a new person this morning waking up at my parents.'  The morning was spent doing errands/cleaning up, then driving back to my town and my friends' house for the '5K' he was hosting.  It was totally cute- he had a real course around a lake by his house marked with flags, a finishers chute, post-race snacks, and prizes!  I was people from Thursday night group + their families.  I told Mike before we started running that I wanted to practice my marathon pace and run 7:30s - he never listens!  We ended up going out under 7 minutes and running the 3.21 mile course at a 7:10 average!  And it. was. hot.  I love the heat and I thought it felt pretty oppressive.  Overall though, my legs felt better than the last couple runs so I'm hoping this week with the additional rest they will continue to improve.  We ended up running the course again with a few friends to un-mark it + a bit to make it an even 7 miles.  More than I wanted to go, but the slower miles felt good. 

I'm now back at my apartment, enjoying having a bit of downtown.  I got some prep work done so I am *somewhat* ready to teach this week.  I have 2.5 more weeks of teaching and I seriously feel like my students- ready for summer!  I love my job, but I'm tired of prepping and looking forward to not having to do it! 

Off to eat a popsicle and crack open one of my new books on my deck! :)

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  1. so glad youre feeling more upbeat and positive :) YAY!! definitely sounds like a good day for sure