Tuesday, May 4, 2010

25- good runs, bad day

Today wasn't a great day- outside of running.  Stuff went poorly as a teacher, that left me feeling bad, although the situation wasn't my fault.  I seriously have trouble letting go of stuff.  So this is me trying to let go by stating it on the blog.....

But onto the run(s).  This morning was a glorious sunrise 10 miler around the corn fields.  Parts of this run felt so FREE(ing) which was good for a change.  7:45 pace, which I'm OK with although I'd like to get back to 7:30s more regularly.  I'm trying not to downplay the fact that it is really hilly where I'm running and my upcoming marathon will be mostly flat.  Besides, the pace felt like an easier effort than the last week or so.  So I'll take it.  I even managed to negative split.  Another good thing.

Tonite I met up with a few peeps at the track.  Everyone was feeling injured (besides me), so we just did an easy 5 mile loop.  That was OK by me because I want to get in really good milage/intensity in the next two days.  (not that a 15 mile day is not good milage for me)

Anyway, highlight of today was coming home to chicken sausage and tomatoes in the crockpot that I set up this morning.  Sooo much better than my constant dinners of sandwiches or frozen yogurt.  Sure made for a nice ending to a not-so-great day.

And I'm off!

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  1. i have trouble letting stuff go too. but way to push out some great runs. seriously though: where do you find the energy to do so much?! sunrise = wicked early and a 10 miler then? followed by more running after work? i bow to you energizer bunny :)