Saturday, May 15, 2010

14- there aint no rest for the wicked.

So I'm about .5 seconds away from falling asleep because I finally sat down!

All I have to say is, Bayshore better be worth it for what I am putting into this race.....but lets back up.

My alarm was set for 3am, but I woke up a few minutes before because I knew it would be going off soon.  I was out the door alittle past 3, driving the hour drive back to the bakery from my parents' house.  It was still so dark/I'm trying to be safe so I stopped off at my apartment to use the treadmill.  It actually wasn't too bad- "Spanglish" was on TBS and I watched the end (I've never really watched TV while on the tread, so it was a nice treat!) I was on a bit after 4am, did 5 miles, and was off.  Stopped back at my apartment to change and pack lunch, then bakery by 5:45am.  The shift was actually really long-feeling because I was covering for someone and hense forth doing two jobs (savory kitchen, and the shop).  I totally hit a wall around noon and the last couple hours were rough.  I knew I had to get my miles in for the day, but teh thought was painful. I debated where to do it for the last few hours of the shift- drive back to the parents (it's flat there!), pull off the freeway (new territory), go back to my apartment?  When I was finally 'released' I went back to the old standby and decided to do the bakery 8 miler usual loop.  After a quick parking lot change, I was off!  The first 1/2 mile was rough.  My legs were so dead and I was all around tired from being up early and on my feet all day.  It was 2pm and warm out (which I like) but windy (which I hate!)  I told myself just to go, and not stress about pace.  10 minute miles were fine.  I just wanted to get it done.

But then a funny thing happened.

I happened to glance at my Garmin 3 miles in and realized I was going sub 8 minute miles.  Somehow the knowledge that although I felt bad, I wasn't running bad, helped me so much.  Although it was the 102-110 miles that I've done in the past week, it was like my legs knew what to do.  Sure, they hurt and they were tired, but they got through it.  The run ended up great, last two miles in 7:17 and 7:29 and finishing up with a 7:38 pace overall. 

Then I drove back to the parents.  And I tried to shop.  I failed at getting what I needed, but instead spent money on stuff I 'liked' but didnt' need.  Oh well.

So tomorrow is the much anticipated (by my students') Cedar Point Trip.  (Amusement Park, if you didn't know)  Anyway, we're leaving pretty early, so I have to be up at 4:30am to get my run in.  Although, it should feel like sleeping in after today!  I really am taking it SUPER easy tomorrow morning though.  My legs are responding well to the milage, but I don't want to risk too much at this point.
Hope everyone had a great Saturday! :)

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