Thursday, May 27, 2010

2- driving with my pops

We are up north after a long workday, and a long drive!  It feels so good to be this much closer to the marathon!  My pops and I had a good drive up, chatting about the marathon, but not in a too stressful way.  I know he's nervous, but it is kind of cute!  I'm so hoping that we both have good days.

Life is a bit crazy up here.  My sis and bro in law are here, as well as my mom, but the master bedroom/bath downstairs in under construction.  So, my mom and I are in one bedroom, my sis and bro in law in the other, and my dad is sleeping on a bed in teh living room!  We are all kind of on top of each other and stuff is everywhere, but it is just so nice to be here with my fav people.

Ok, time for sleeps.  Tomorrow is packet pickup, and chilling with the fam, plus a 2 mile run.  Soooo close!

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