Tuesday, May 25, 2010

4- R.E.S.T.

It is amazing how much extra time there is in the day when you aren't running!  Today I felt like a 'typical American' getting up, having coffee, going to work, coming home (to my own apartment) and chilling by the pool.  So weird to take a rest day like this, when my only rest day's the last few months are on Saturdays when I work my 6-2 shift.  Not necessarily bad for a change, but different.

I hate tapering because I love training so much.  I think I said this already before Boston, but I really am a person who loves the actual act of training so when I can't do that, I feel sad!  I'm actually pumped for post-marathon and having a chance to really amp up again.  I feel like I was just reaching a new level with my 100 mile week, and I'm hoping a summer of devoted training can take my running to the next level because I'm not feeling so confident about where it is at for Saturday....

Wow, I guess my life is really boring without running!  I'll cut y'all some slack and just end it here!  Tomorrow, I'm running after work with Mike and don't have to teach until the afternoon, so I have the whole morning to sleep in and get stuff done! Love. It.


  1. I'm excited about your race this weekend. You'll do fantastic! Glad you were able to somewhat enjoy a full rest day :)

    I'm jealous you get to hang by the pool! It's too cold here to do that still. Want to trade places for a day? ;)

  2. i completely agree with realizing how much more time i have when i'm not running. granted i rarely do that so i'm always pressed for time haha.

    i love training so much too so i feel your pain!