Thursday, May 13, 2010

20 + 7 = 27. miles.

Today was a great. day. 

Although it didn't start out that way.   I woke up to a T-storm and crazy rains/winds at 8am.  I knew that I needed to get in my 20 miler, although I thought of every scenario I could to avoid it, lol.  I decided to wait it out for a few.  I had a big(er) B-fast and let it digest while watching the Today Show.  I actually think this is helping my long runs.  Since I'm a morning runner, I'm very used to eating nothing or a banana and heading out.  I think eating a bit more calorie-wise is giving me more lasting energy.  Or atleast that is what I'm telling myself!

I headed out at 10am.  I wore shorts, and t-shirt, and a jacket because I didn't know if the rain would return (there were flood warnings for the whole day!)  Unfortunately, the jacket, although light, made me very hot during the run and it never ended up raining.  Buttt, I was prepared with it protecting my ipod and garmin just in case!  Overall, the run went by fast- until the last few miles.  I was rocking out and the first 10 miles were gone before I knew it.  I got to a trail head of a paved trail that I had planned to run because it hugs the river and it mostly flat (it is impossible to find flat anywhere around here!)  Unfortunately, a cop was blocking it because I'm assuming it had flooded out.   Mentally, this took a toll on me.  I don't like changing plans mid-run and I knew I would have to go way out of my way and reroute, taking me up a very steep hill.  This wasn't good, but I got through it.  By the end of the run, I was thirsty (nothing to drink this run and my jacket had made me sooo sweaty!) and my pace had dropped a bit.  Probably because I was tired in combination with the fact that the last 6 miles were all uphill.  Overall, good run.  20 miles @ 8:13 pace.  Not as great as Sunday, but the conditions were less than ideal and it is still under what I'm 'supposed' to be running as a long run.

When I finished, I had two things on my mind: and ice cold coke (chugged that sucker!) and a swim in my apartments' pool.  As I chugged the coke while walking to the pool I realized how cold really was (~ mid 40s).  Upon jumping into the pool, 3 maintainence guys asked if I was crazy.  I think in saying that I had just run 20 miles didn't really help the 'crazy' factor.  The pool felt like a tame ice bath- I swear swimming helps my recovery sooo much.  The jacuzzi (sp?) was tempting after the chilly pool, but I kept it to my feet because I know hot water immediately post run = bad. 

I then proceded to clean my apartment.  All.  Afternoon.  It feels so much better now though.  Glad that I carved out this little personal day to catch up. 

But that's not all....

Thursday = running group night.  How could I resist?  My legs were feeling good all afternoon, so I went!  I met up with everyone, and since I normally run with Mike we decided to take it 'easy' since he is hurting a bit and I had already done the 20.  We set out at 8:30 pace, but pretty soon our competitive-ness started in and we picked it up a bit to drop the pack.  Before we knew it, we were running 7:30s pace and laughing about how it always seems to 'happen' when we are together.  It ended up being 7 gloriously fun/playful miles at 7:47 pace.  Great evening run in the sun/humidity that was left from the rains. 

My first ever 27 mile training day! :)

And now, I'm trying to pack for the weekend as I will need to go home again to the parents.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but they are doing major remodels that don't allow them to bring their cat up there, and since he is freaking pampered, I must come home.  I don't mind though.  It just takes some planning because I need clothes for my jobs + running + hanging out + sleeping and this weekend, the Sunday Cedar Point trip with my students.  So lots of planning.  And packing.  Guess I should get back to it. 

Sorry for the marathon of a post.  Life is good though here.  Hope it is for you as well! :)

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  1. omg. you call me hardcore?! i think you just stole that title from me :)

    i hate changing plans mid-run too but way to go with the flow and get those miles in. and, while unconventional, i fully support an ice cold coke post-LR.