Thursday, May 6, 2010

23- tempo love

Oh man, can I just say that I'm SO READY for the weekend!?!?!  Tomorrow will be my 12th day of work in a row between the two jobs (cuz I had to work last Sunday which is usually my 'weekend.')  Good news is, once I'm done with bakery + teaching tomorrow, I get to go home to my parents' house and don't have to work Saturday!  Well, I am helping my mom with this volunteer Science Competition thing, but that'll be cool.  I'm just ready to NOT be teaching/at the bakery for a few days.

But enough of my whining, cuz y'all know I love being busy...... ;)

Today = some good runs.  Began the day with a lovely 7 miler through the country.  7:38 pace = not too shabby.  My paces are slowly dropping back down (since Boston) without me trying too hard, which is good.  I didn't want to do anymore than that because evening = tempo run with my friend Mike.  He told me to pick what we were doing, and I decided on a progressive tempo. 

The plan:
1 mile warmup - 8:30ish pace
Tempo miles = 7:15, 7:10, 7:05, 7:00
2 mile cooldown - 8:30ish pace

The actual:
1 mile warmup - 7:35 (yikes, I guess we were excited!?!?)
Tempo miles = 7:12, 7:04, 6:59, 7:01
2 mile cooldown - 7:57, 7:17!!
Total = 7:17 pace

So I was pretty pleased with this.  Honestly, it bugged me not to get that last mile under 7, but whatevs.  Our warmup and cooldowns were fast!  Our normal loop is a bunch of dirt roads that had recently been 'graded' which basically meant that every car that passed put up a huge cloud of dusk for us to choke on and the footing was really rocky and bad.  Overall, it was a good run.  14 mile day.  All good.

Tomorrow = bakery -> running -> teaching -> meeting my mom to set up the science competition  Hopefully some good eats in there with the mother! :)  I'm off to pack for the weekend!


  1. LOL I'm happy with a sub 9-min mile! You go girl, and enjoy your time off, you deserve it!

  2. i'm so ready for the weekend too. especially since it means no more classes :)

    excellent running girl! i need to visit you and run with you so you can whip my booty into shape :)