Monday, May 24, 2010

5- hot day- where do i live again?

Today it was so. hot.  And I like it hot, so for me to say that was crazy!  Since I'm not scheduled at the bakery at all this week, and I now have to go teach an hour later (score, seniors are done!) I decided to sleep in.  It is my plan to get tons of sleep this week, as much as I can.  Heading out to run an easy 4 miles at 10:30am when it was already 85 degrees = not smart.  This wasn't a very confidence building experience, as I struggled to hold 7:37 pace for 4 miles - slower than I want to run the whole marathon!  Buttt, I tried to blame it on the weather, and the hills, and the fact that I ran a semi-fast run later in the afternoon yesterday, and on anything else I could blame it on!  Yeah, whatevs.

The second part of my title refers to the fact that I am back at my parents' house.  I ran an errand for my mom after work and therefore came here to drop off said errand and crash, since it is so much closer to where I teach. It has been a lovely evening of watching the Survivor season final and eating fro yo for my dad and I. Except for the fact that my dad refuses to turn on the AC so that the cat can sit by the screen-door.  Yeah, this cat is so pampered!  And now my dad is on the phone with my mom, letting the cat 'talk' to her.  Oh man, my parents.....I love them!

I'm off to bed soon.  Tomorow = teaching.  That's it.  No running.  No second job.  Lots of rest.  Hoping it will pay off....

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  1. sleep = good. hope you can get lots and lots! too funny about "where do i live again?" i'm sure that i'll be thinking the same thing when i *hopefully* move out at the end of the summer but will rebound back a lot