Wednesday, May 5, 2010

24- positivity post

I was thinking on my run today that the last few post I have written have been rather negative.  Normally, I'm a really postive person, so I decided to focus on the good things during today's post.

Good thing #1:
I live in an AMAZING area for running.  Seriously.  I thought my town was great before, but now it is even better after I moved to the north side.  Today, I was running yet another new/amazing route on dirt roads, through cornfields, and more horse farms.  A couple miles later, I was in the hustle and bustle of the city.  It is pretty hilly 98% of the time, but apparently that is supposed to make you a better runner?  I dunno, the jury is still out on that

Good thing #2:
I'm feeling *mostly* not injured.  Little things that were cropping up post-Boston when I rushed back into training (ie nagging soreness, blisters, etc) seem to have resolved for the most part.  Now, my legs just feel tired, but not injured.  I'm really hoping that having quality (and high-ish) miles for a couple more weeks, then dropping back to a TRUE taper will make them feel fresh and springy.  Again, we will see.

Good thing #3:
My crock pot cooked me dinner last night and in doing so, lunch for today.  'Nuff said.

Good thing #4:
Teaching has been going really well (except for yesterday!)  I feel like I have a good relationship with my students, and I am well-liked.  And they make me smile and laugh everyday.  Both feel good.

Good thing #5:
Spring in Michigan.  ALMOST makes up for what we have to indure all winter.

Hmm, ok, I'll stop with my good things.  Today's run was a pretty good thing though.  I ran 15 miles with my big/hard repeat hill at the 11 mile mark.  That was character building!  Overall, kept it at a 7:57 pace.  I'm hoping because it is so hilly here and my upcoming marathon is not, pace will drop automatically.  It was still 10+ seconds/mile faster than last week's Wednesday 15 miler.  Success.

And I'll leave you with Good thing #6:
Although I'm behind on prep work, and my apartment is a mess, I'm going to crawl into bed and read for PLEASURE for a bit.  Reading = good thing!

Hope your day was filled with good as well! :)


  1. What I love about Michigan...the changing seasons...we get (somewhat) excited everything a 'new' season approaches - yes, even winter! Maybe. Ann Arbor is awesome for running - so glad you are enjoying it!

  2. Spring in Michigan is very hopeful, and I love running out in the country too, so peaceful and quiet. Great work on the 15 miler

  3. yay positivity :) and double yay for reading for pleasure! such a luxury. enjoy it girl :)

  4. I've had bad days teaching and I know how it feels. I also have a hard time letting certain things go, but I think it's great you reflected on the positive. Nice running, too! You'll do great at Bayshore!