Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10- unexpected hill-tempo

So tonite, I met my friend Mike at the track for a track workout.  Unfortunately, there was a meet rescheduled that we didn't know about, so we had to think fast.  I wanted a quality workout, so Mike suggested that we do hill repeats on a nearby hill.  This sounded perfect!  However, I had no idea that he would turn it into a pseudo tempo-hill run!  It started innocently enough, first mile at 7:29, but when we hit the first hill, he really started to pick it up!  It didn't feel too bad and we were still talking and all, so I just went with it.  It was super sunny and about 80 degrees (which I love) so we just kept the pace up through all of the hills.  Final stats, made me happy!

6 miles @ 7:09 pace
7:29, 6:51, 7:02, 7:03, 7:15, 7:17

Sometimes the best runs are unplanned!  Then our other friend met us for sommore easy miles (he is recovering from an injury).  We ended up chatting through a lovely 5 miles @ 8:07 pace.  Great 11 mile day.  I feel like I got a good workout, even though we couldn't get our track on.  Now, I'm feeling nice and tired, in the best way!  Love that feeling of being in the sun and working hard!

Time for sleeps.  Peace.


  1. Perfect day for a run. Mine happened early this morning!

  2. definitely agree that the best runs are sometimes unplanned. glad you had a great day :)