Monday, May 10, 2010

19- Runs with mom and pops

Today was a good recovery day.  My legs felt not-sore at all (knock on wood for the second day!) after my LR yesterday.  I had the opportunity to split my 10 miler for the day so I did.  7 miles this morning.  4 miles up to the gym, then my mom and I did our 3 mile route around the gym.  I stretched for awhile while my mom strength trained because my SI joint has been alittle finicky lately so I decided against doing anything too crazy/different before Bayshore.  All and all, a refreshing morning!

Then, when I got home from work (back to my parents' house), I noticed my dad's car was there.  It was only 5:15, so this was ususual.  When I got inside, my dad had left a note that he was running his 20 miler today (he wanted to do it this week, but didn't know when.  He is the kind of person who just decides spontaneously and does it!)  Since his week was so booked up, he decided just to come home from work early and do it today.  The note said he left at 3:15 and would be back for water/snack at 5:15.  I quickly changed and he arrived, 14.5 miles into his run.  It was great to run 3 or 4 miles with him.  Although there really wasn't any conversation occurring, lol.  I knew my pop's was hurting, but I also knew that he was so capable of this!  We stopped back at the house to walk for a few minutes so he could eat a granola bar, then he was on his way to finish alone.  Overall, he ran 21 miles (I get my milage OCD from him for sure!) at a 9:22 pace.  His longest run ever!  Go pops!

Currently, he is in pretty rough shape laying on the couch, but I know he'll pull through.  I'm not sure if the run gave him confidence about the marathon, or just made him realize how much it is really going to hurt!

Alrightly, that's about it from here.  Tomorrow = lots of teaching, running, and being back at my apartment! :)


  1. wow congrats to you daddio! is he running bayshore as well? is your mom? i think youve said before but my memory clearly is bad haha.

    and again i'm jealous of your being able to share running with your parents. can you guys adopt me?! ahaha

  2. I second the whole running with your parents (congrats to your dad!). I wish I knew more runners as friends and family. My older brother runs recreationally. I ran with him once and that was nice. I actually got a Ragnar Relay card in the mail this weekend. Too bad I only know 1 other runner well enough, who is local, to ask to be on my team. Lol! One of these days I'll meet more people who share my love, i.e. obsession :)