Friday, May 14, 2010

15- work, run, repeat.

Title = my day..

Sometimes lately, when I am running, it feels like it is all I do.  Not in a bad way, but I just feel sometimes like I just run and work.  Take this week for example.  I ran doubles 4 out of 5 days to get my milage in, and I ran in all sorts of different places.  To the gym from my parents' house, around the neighborhood with my dad, home from my mom's work, with friends in my town, from my apartment, in the neighboring town where my running group meets, and tonite, back at my parents' house.  It's weird because it's the same me, doing teh same thing, just at a different time of day with a different outfit in a different place.  Hmm, I'm not making much sense.  Probably cuz I'm really tired.

Anyway, today was bakery time 6am-10am.  I love that short shift- it flies by!  Unfortunately, it leaves me with only about an hour to run so that I can get cleaned up and get to teaching ontime.  One hour = perfect amount of time for an 8 miler.  Although today's was a bit slower at 8:13 pace.  I'm trying not to be judgemental about my pace since I am doing more miles than usual, but I'd be lying to say that it didn't bother me to be above 8min miles.  Oh well.  No time to dwell- had to go to teach!

Post- school, I drove to my parents' house.  My legs were shot and it was super windy.  I headed out anyway after pounding back a PB&J cuz I was starving.  6 miles on my 'old standby' route at a 7:48 pace.  Not bad for an afternoon run (I suck at running in the afternoon, especially alone).  I'm pretty happy with how my legs felt overall, running 14 miles after a 27 mile day yesterday.  Now, I just need them to last  two more weeks. 

Tomorrow morning, I make the extra early trek from here back to the bakery for a full day's shift.  + running.  2 more 'hard' days before taper-age.  Atleast my 20 miler is done for the weekend because on Sunday I'm headed to Cedar Point! :)

Happy weekend! :)

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  1. run + school is how i felt all semester. but i think that's how your suppose to feel when a particular marathon (in my case boston, yours bayshore) is the big goal at the moment.

    just curious (and i may have asked this awhile ago) but do you do any strength/lifting work? i know you do so much already that it'd be hard to pack another thing into your schedule