Thursday, March 4, 2010

46, check, check, and check!

3 workouts and one looong Thursday done!

Let's get right to the good stuff- running!  I did a lovely 6 mile workout on the treadmill bright and early this morning (well, not too early if the Y was actually open!)  Did some 1200m repeats at a tempo pace (~6:55 ish) which actually felt pretty good/not too hard.  I was soooo sweaty by the end though!  Workout number 2 consisted of trying to put on my sexy one piece bathing suit over my sweaty body in the locker room....seriously, the hardest part of the day!  Naw, my swim was good, but pretty tough, seeing as last nights swim workout had only been completed 12 hours before- my triceps were feeling it!  In a good way of course! :)

Work was crazy though!  I teach PE to the high school girls on Thursdays, which is always a 'challenge.'  Most of the students were going on this school weekend trip at the end of the day to Pittsburg, which put them all in a crazy mood all day.  Lets just say, I pitied the bus driver that I saw when I was leaving- 8 hours driving a bus full of hyper, hormonal teens- yikes!  The good news is, most of my students will not be there tomorrow, which makes my teaching day uber easy/short.

I was so pumped to run with my group tonite!  Me, my normal training guy, and another woman set off on a 8 mile road route.  It was boring, but I like chatting it up with my training bud.  The other woman doesn't normally run with us, so we tried to keep the pace slow-er (ie 8:50-9:00min/mile) so she could chat and run with us.  But it was totally weird because she kept running about 20m behind us the whole time.  Myself and my bud were getting alittle annoyed because we purposely kept the pace at her speed, and yet she seemed to not want to run with us?!  Then, about 5 miles in, she saw other members of the group, turned, and started running in the other direction and chatting it up with them!  Totally odd.  Me and my bud immediately dropped the pace to 7:40ish per mile for the remainder and chatted and laughed it up the whole time about how we must smell, or she was blinded by our white legs!  I ended the run and I 14 mile + swim day feeling uber fresh.  Training = going pretty decent lately.  (knock on wood!)

Tomorrow = double work day.  Buttttt, it looks like I should be out of teaching early, then I'm headed to my parents house to see my kitty for the weekend!  Workout will be in the afternoon.  + big bed + food (thanks mom!) + kitty time.  Sounds good to me!

Have a good one friends!


  1. great triple. i wish i had the energy to do all that!

    and props to you for dealing with hormonal girls. totally not my idea of fun hahaha! don't you teach sciences normally?

  2. That chick's a hater. Must be jealous of you being so freaking cool. I'm really serious, too.

    Thanks for the good wishes -- I did get the assignment done. :)