Thursday, March 18, 2010

32- TRIPLE THURSDAY strikes again!

Let me just say, I am in a ridiculously good mood because I have finally made it through today and the week and this weekend, starting tomorrow I AM MOVING!!! I signed my lease and got the keys to my new place today and it is sooo cute!  Andddd, I took Fri/Sat off from both jobs which means I have 3 DAYS to just focus on the move.  I haven't had 3 days in a row off in forever- so excited.  Tomorrow my mom is coming out to help me with the first few trips, then my dad is bringing big stuff in a trailor on Saturday.  I'm soo excited to unpack and organize.  My mom even got us Whole Foods salads for lunch tomorrow! YUM.  Its all good.

Besides work and lease-signing today, I managed to fit in my normal triple workout Thursday.  Workout #1 consisted of a 6:15am replay of last weeks hill repeats.  Only today I did 3 instead of 2.  It looked something like this:
1.2 mile wu @ 7:10 pace (apparently I was feeling frisky!)
0.7 mile hill @ 8:46 pace
downhill rest @ 8:00ish
0.7 mile hill @ 8:40 pace
downhill rest
0.7 mile hill @ 8:35 pace
downhill rest
1.6 mile cooldown @ 7:50 pace
TOTAL: 7 miles @ 8:06 pace

Overall, the hills weren't super fast, but it is a very steep hill and I would LOVE to run up heartbreak at that speed.  I'm pretty sure last year I was running 10-11 minute pace up it!  Infact, when I was running today I tried to remember what it felt like last year.  I totally couldn't.  I think I blocked it out!  Today's run was almost totally in the dark, which made me feel all the more bad ass.  Doing hill repeats before sunrise.

Workout #2 consisted of a swim immediately after.  I love how swimming makes my body feel.  Somehow I think of it as 'undoing' a run.  It was a bit tough though because it was only 12 hours or so after last nights swim class, so my arms felt it a bit!

Then work...signing lease....then Workout #3! My favorite, because its a group run and I always run with the same guy who is also training for Boston.  The weather was beautful at this point (6pm) but super-windy.  We were literally like parachutes at some points!  We kept it relaxed and conversational and the route was nice- over some dirt roads and such.  8 miles at 7:43min/mile pace.  Perfect.  The new comfortable.  It was one week ago at this very run that I started 'the new comforable' and the past week, my runs have been faster than ever.  I'm just hoping it lasts!

Overall, a 15 mile day + a swim aint too bad in my book!  Right now, I'm just basking in that satisfaction and my skin feels all warm from the sun.  So. nice.  Although I probably should get my butt off the computer and start packing.  I've barely made a dent and it all needs to go out of this apartment tomorrow!

I'm off! :)

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  1. don't even mention heartbreak hill haha!

    good luck packing! it must be so exciting. maybe not so much the packing but the whole thing. moving and then UNpacking. i love finding and figuring out where to put everything. enjoy :)