Saturday, March 27, 2010

23- just what I needed

Today was great- just what I needed!  I got to do all of my favorite things including a) sleeping in b) being up north c) running and d) not having to prep/work.  Twas just what I needed!

After a nice, restful sleep in my cloud-bed, coffee and chilling made for a nice morning.  We drove into a nearby town so my parents could furniture shop, and I took the opportunity to go for a recovery run in a new place!  I've actually raced a 5K in this town before, and it has a nice trail that stretches along a lake.  The run was nice- my legs felt better at the end than the beginning which is always the point of a recovery run after a LR day.  I did wake up feeling a bit sore from yesterday's hills so I was OK with hitting a 8:09min/mile pace on today's run.  We did sommore errands while we were out and came home to a late lunch.  The afternoon was filled with spring cleaning and chilling out.  And here I am!  Soooo nice not to have to work today.  I appreciate it more than ever lately!

Tomorrow is a half day here, then driving back downstate where my car is, and finishing the drive back to my place, while my parents go back to theirs.  And Monday starts my 40 hour workweek at the bakery.  Good times.

I'm actually feeling pretty good/positive about my training.  Today is 8 weeks until my "peak" marathon at Bayshore.  Although Boston is in 3 weeks, I'm really happy about my decision to make it a training run and keep it low pressure.  I really feel like I will be ready and peaking in 8 weeks and don't feel stressed at all about Boston because I have no expectations and have taken the urgency out of it.  I'm hoping that my runs keep progressing as they have and am going to do my best to make sure that this happens.  I just feel good knowing that I actually have TIME.  Bayshore, I'm coming for ya!

Ok, I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I certainly am! :)

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  1. yay for positivity! glad youre getting what you need today with the sleep and being up north.

    it's also great that youre feeling good about your training. i bet your training and running will keep getting better and better so that you'll rock bayshore because youre a rockstar. duh. :)