Friday, March 19, 2010

31- moving: its a marathon, not a sprint

Whoa nelly!  Moving = craziness!  Butt, I survived day one and my old apartment is *almost* completely cleaned out after 10000 trips by my mom and I.  The day started off bring and early for me with a darkness recovery run.  I did my 'old standby' route that I've been doing for the past 2 years living here, for one last time.  So sad.  My legs were a bit sluggish, I think because I did Wednesday night run/swim, Thursday morning run/swim, Thursday night run.  Sooo, I kept the pace nice and slow.

Then it was moving time!  I met my mom at my new place at 9ish and we proceded to spend the next 4 hours loading and unloading in 3 trips with both our cars.  Luckily, it is only a 10 minute drive between the two places.  It was crazy though- total props to my mom, she was so hard-core!  She was loading/unloading/orchestrating the whole thing like the pro that she is!  After our delicious Whole Foods salads, she left at 2ish and I tried to put stuff away at the new place the best I could, but it was hard because furniture transfer isn't happening until tomorrow.  The kitchen is almost set though.  Too cool that I actually have a kitchen, rather than a 2x2 foot countertop!  The rest of the afternoon/evening I spent cleaning out an infinity of college books/papers that were marinating in the back of my closet on a bookshelf.  Ugh.  Atleast it is done and loaded in my car for transport tomorrow.

Which brings me to tomorrow- furniture day!  My dad and some guys from his company are coming up with a truck and in it will be my QUEEN SIZED BED from home.  This is huge.  Probably 99.9% of the reason I love going to my parents' house is to sleep in my bed, rather than the tiny, hard twin I have.  Well now that I have the space.....they will be reversed!  Which means good bed lots of the time!  Yaya!

Right now I'm pretty wiped though, I must say.  It was a very physical day, and I have to get up uber early again tomorrow to get any semblance of a run in before the meeting the truck/my parents at my new place.  Tomorrow night will be fun unpacking vs. tonites sad packing.  It has been alittle emotional packing up my 'first real place' that I've lived in for 2 years.  This apartment is where I 'became an adult' so to speak.  Living here is what made me finally realize that I'm OK on my own and I actually love it.  It holds alot of memories for me, and even though aspects are kind of ghetto, it also has alot of charm. 

Yikes, I'm getting all sentimental just talking about it!  I better be off.  I'm going to enjoy my last night here in my tiny bed after I eat frozen yogurt for dinner on the futon.  I have no food here, and it just seems like the right way to end my stay- doing something I have done countless times and that always brings me comfort.

*Sigh* Keep it real.

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  1. your title made me think of the lyric "life ain't a track meet, it's a marathon" from save the last dance. not a bad thing that it's now stuck in my head :)

    queen sized bed?! can i say i hate you?? hahaha!! good luck with all the rest of moving.

    i always do my "old standby route" the day before i leave to go home or back to school. comforting :)