Monday, March 29, 2010

21- swimming at 3pm = priceless

Good evening!

Today was a busy, but productive day in my world!  Worked a 7 hour shift at the bakery, went for a run, went for a swim, did about 1000 errands, and organized more of my apartment.  Feels good.

As usual, I though of about 1,000,001 things I wanted to talk about on the blog when I was running/going through my day today, but by this time of night, my mind isn't totally functional!  Today's run was *ok*.  Two things I hate are 1) running after work and 2) running in the wind.  Unfortunately, today held both of them.  I did an 8 mile loop from the bakery and it is all downhill on the way out and all uphill on the way back.  The wind was in my face the whole first half, hense negating the downhill love.  Boo.  Plus, I was freezing.  Although I didn't feel as 'springy' as yesterday, I still held at a 7:39min/mile pace which I was surprised by (remember I don't look at the Garmin during the run!)  The best part of today was my swim.  After Friday-Sunday without one, it felt sooooo good.  My whole body feel like it stretches and resets in the water- such a great feeling.  And, such a treat to go at 3pm when it is bright in the pool area, not crowded, and most of the other swimmers are over the age of 70, so I get to feel speedy! ;)

In other news, I also turned in my keys at my old apartment, so I'm officially out of there!  Good feeling.  Moving forward is good.  I can't wait to get more organized here and start decorating!

Tomorrow - day off from work! (Working M, W, Th, F, Sat this week)  I'm going to try to get in triple workouts because I don't know if I can Thursday when I work 5:30am-1:30pm.  Of course, some sleeping in and/or a nap will certainly be involved......

Have a great night! :)

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  1. for someone who doesn't like running after work OR in the wind you sure rocked it. and way to rock that swim. i bet your pretty speedy even compared to not 70 year olds haha :)

    enjoy your day off. much deserved girl!