Sunday, March 21, 2010

29- flexibility and exploring on foot!


Today was all about flexibility- not the kind that comes with stretching that I have none of, but the kind that allows for plans to change.  It was supposed to be a cut-back long run day for me today (I was thinking 14 miles) but it will have to happen tomorrow.  I slept very long/well last night in my new bed and I refuse to wakeup early on Sunday as it is my one true day to catch up from the week.  And since this week = even more crazy than usual, I was pleased to not even move until 9:30am! :)

However, I needed to go to a car wash that was sponsered by the senior class at my school.  And, it ended in the early afternoon.  And, as I've mentioned, the school is 45 minutes away.  Sooo, I switched my 'easy' 8 miler that was on tap for tomorrow with my 14 miler of today.  Good choice so far.

And let me tell you- my new apartment is PRIME running territory.  The only downfall is the fact that all runs will end on an uphill.  Butt, what is so nice is when I turn and head in one direction out of the complex, I cross the freeway and am in the 'country' within 1 mile.  Farms, dirt roads, long stretches of cornfields- too cool.  It feels like being up-north!  It is hilly, but the hills are rolling in a 'country' way.  If I head the other direction from my apartment, I am on a main road leading into downtown within a mile!  Best of both worlds that way!  Today's 8 miler was a nice loop that encorporated a bit of both.

I was actually really pleased with today's run.  The pace vs. perceived effort ratio was very favorable and I felt light and like I was cruising the whole time.  Running the new route was really freeing and I didn't even look at my Garmin until the last mile (I hate obsessing/thinking about pace on an easy day!)  In the end I ended up running the 8 miles at a 7:19min/mile average.  Splits reflected the changing terrain (downhill, then uphill = 7:13, 6:55!!, 7:05, 7:16, 7:23, 7:45, 7:28, 7:35)  Still, not too uneven, especially for me- the queen of uneven splits!

So tomorrow I awake early to tackle the mid-long run.  The unpacking here continues, it feels like I'll never be done!  But, it is starting to feel alittle more like 'home.' 

Alright, I'm off!  I have no idea what I'm teaching tomorrow, so I'd better get on that!  Have a great week-beginning everyone! :)

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  1. good for you for being flexible. it's something that i struggle hardcore with! but ummmm killer run. you sure know how to rock it :) good luck with the rest of your unpacking!!