Thursday, March 25, 2010

25- On break!

Ok, this is going to be SHORT tonite because I am too tired to think and put together sentences, plus I need to clean up and pack up for UP NORTH tomorrow!

Triple Thursday = double Thursday today, which I'm OK with after Triple Tuesday.  I woke up sore from all of the kicking drills my swim instructor put me through last night.  Knowing that I'm doing my long run tomorrow, I decided to just swim this morning, then run with my running group tonite.  Good decision.  Kept the run easy tonite because my run bud is fighting a hamstring pull from our killer track workout Tuesday night.  I love running with him though because our conversations revolve so much around running, and we can talk or not talk and its not awkward.  Good run.  Good times.

Ok, really that's all I've got.  I'm on break from teaching now for 13 days, which is exciting.  I am meeting my Mom and Dad in the middle of the state at 6:30am tomorrow morning and we are driving up north for the weekend.  Tomorrow is my dad's b-day so we have a long run planned.  Annnd, I'm not bringing ANY prep work with me, so I can simply enjoy the weekend, work free!

I'm off!

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