Tuesday, March 30, 2010

20- my favorite parts of every day, living like a professional runner, and TRIPLE TUESDAY (light addition)

So my title pretty much sums up all that I want to talk about in today's post, so I'll get to it:

1) My favorite parts of the day:
I was thinking about times during the day that I cherish, each and every day, and I've come to the conclusion that there are three points in the day I love:
              a) Taking a hot shower after a run and swim at the Y.  Something about the scalding hot water, and
                  rubbing choline out of my eyes that I love.  So refreshing and relaxing, and I always feel
              b) Eating egg whites + spinach with a cup of coffee (my every day b-fast) while playing around
                  online in my sweats before work, but post workout.  Satisfying and some 'me time.'  I love
                  getting back in comfy clothes post-workout, even if I have to change again right away for work!
              c) Evening, post run preferably.  TV time, internet time, or the like.  Knowing that I get to sleep
                  soon (which as y'all probably know, i love!)

2) Living like a professional runner
Today, since I had the day off from both jobs, I like to think I had a day like I would if I was a professional runner.  I woke up early, got in a run and swim (easy, shakeouts), came home and had b-fast as mentioned above, and promptly took an hour nap.  Got up and went about my day, then did another (harder) workout at 6pm.  If only every day could be like this!  Nap = heavenly.  I always want to crawl back into bed post-swim, but instead must rush off to work.  Today = amazing, not having to!

3) Triple Tuesday - diet version
Today was a triple Tuesday.  I say 'diet' because everything was pretty light.  Only in Michigan can you have to run in full on winter gear (22 degrees during my 7am run) in the morning, and a T-shirt and shorts (55 degrees at 6pm) in the same day!  This morning was a quick 5 mile easy shakeout at 7:45min/mile pace, then a good, longish swim.  Tonite, I met up with a couple guys to do 1/2 mile repeats.  I was pretty much on my own because my normal training bud is nursing a sore hammy and wasn't there, and the other guys were slower/injured.  We had to meet on this shady dirt/sand track that had tons of divets in it, because the high school tracks were busy tonite.  I cranked out 8 repeats at an unknown pace, as we went 'watchless.'  I felt just like Cassidy in "Once a Runner" so 'zen-like!' It was actually freeing, but I know the repeats were slower than last week.  The effort was there though, which is what counts.  A 12 mile day + swimming = good enough in my book!

Ok, I gotta run.  Lots to pack up for tomorrow! 10 hour day at the bakery begins at 6am, plus meeting a friend for coffee, + running (of course), + last swim class ;( = lots of bags and gear to pack for being gone from my apartment 5:30am-9pm!  I'm off!

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  1. scalding hot water = the only way to shower in my books. and how many triple days do you do girl!?! i wish i had your energy for it all!!

    and i agree about effort being what counts. great intervals, love the zen feeling!