Wednesday, March 10, 2010

40- popping the marathon cherry

Today I had coffee with a good friend of mine who ran her first marathon a couple of weeks ago (hense my title).  She did so well 3:39:18!! It was super cute to hear her talk about it all, she said it was "the best day of her life."  I felt jealous of the fact that she got to have that 'first' experience and it made me nostalgic for my first marathon, many years ago.  Seeing it 'fresh' through her eyes reinspired me and my love for running!

In other news, good, normal run today back with the hills.  Swim class tonite too.  It was hard as we worked on kicking (my week point.)  I thought of like 10000 things to say on this blog tonite, but I'm getting old and forgetful, so nothing is coming to mind!

Tomorrow is my fav day of the week- triple Thursday!  Plus, long day of teaching.  I can't believe how fast this week is flying by!

1 comment:

  1. congrats to your friend! that's awesome.

    triple thursday?! i've been doing doubles lately (well the whole semester really) and i can't even fathom finding time to put in another workout never mind have the energy to execute it! i bow to you :)