Monday, March 8, 2010

42 days- winter vs. fairweather runners

You can always tell winter vs. fairweather runners on the first warm days of the year.  If you are a hard-core northern runner such as myself, the SECOND the weather hits even mildly warm temps, you are running in shorts and as little on top as possible.  Literally, I wore shorts and a long sleeve the last few days.  However, "fairweather" runners (ie those who have not slogged through snow, ice, and sub-zero temps the last several monts will be outside in sweatshirts, baggy sweats, and hats!  They do not realize how great the weather is!

Seriously, today was a great day.  It is days like this when I am happy to live in Michigan because you REALLY appreciate the good weather when it finally hits.  It was so nice that I even took my Physics class outside the last 10 minutes of class and threw the football around with them (hey, football is physics, right?)  They are all 11th grade boys, so they certainly appreciated it! 

My run was good/uneventful.  Recovery day, part of my run with my mom, which was nice.  My legs were alittle sluggish, but I have a feeling they will be AOK by tomorrow.  Got in some strength training at the gym this morning too, which was nice.

Not much else to report.  Hoping this weather lasts, and it is equally as nice where you all are! :)

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  1. hahahah SO TRUE. i saw so many fair-weather-ers out and about today. and i was only in shorts and a t-shirt. i had thought about running in my hot sports bra!! i bet that would have gotten me some crazy(er) looks hahaha

    so jealous that you run with yo momma :)