Wednesday, March 24, 2010

26- cold pool = sleepy

Yikes, the pool was so cold tonite at swim class that now I am super sleepy!

Basically, today was an almost exact replica of last Wednesday.  I live further from the bakery now, so it was a 4:30am alarm this morning.  Bakery until 12, teaching till 4:30- then play time!  I got off the freeway at the same 'random' spot as last week (although it was less random because I had done it once before!)  Parked in Karl's Cabin parking lot and did a quick change and was off on my 7 mile loop (just like last week = all I have time for before swim class.)  I wasn't expecting much and gave my legs complete license to go slow because M, T, Th, and F are all pretty intense days for me this week workout-wise.  I was really happy with how good my legs felt when I got up this morning/throughout my 12 hour workday.  Didn't feel like I ran hard last night at all! :)  Once I got going on my loop, they just wanted to GO.  So I let them.  I enjoyed the rolling hills, dirt roads, and horse (and alpaca!?) farms even more than last week.  Like always, avoided looking at my Garmin, because I didn't want any pace pressure today.  Finished a 'frisky' 7 miles at 7:38min/mile pace.  Only regret is that I didn't have time to go further!

Then, I got in the car and continued on to swim class.  It was awesome because for the second week in a row, I was the only one who showed up for my class!  Sooo it was basically a private lesson!  The pool was so chilly but my effort swimming quickly warmed me up!

Tomorrow is my last day teaching before break! :)  So happy.  My only wish is that the day wasn't so long.  I love me 'Triple Thursday' but I wish I didn't have to get up so early to get it all in!

Ok, my eyes are literally closing- I'm off to bed! :)

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  1. really jealous of your private swim lesson! and yet again i bow to your triple thursdays. even if i got up as early as you i don't know how i'd fit it all in! you are truly great at scheduling.

    i wish when i ignored my watch i could pull of 7:38s! great work. i get so motivated reading about your workouts. makes me want to work harder so i don't get completely left in your dust :)