Monday, March 22, 2010

28- mid long run blah, 3 days till break!

So many things popped into my head to say in today's blog, but now my mind is mush and they are escaping me!  I guess I'll just stream-of-consciousness this one!

First: the run.
As I said yesterday, I had to be flexible with my long run this weekend and push it to today.  It was a cut back (14 miler) so I wasn't too worried.  Buttt, all was stacked against me in today's run.  I had to get up extra early before work, it was freezing and super windy, cloudy, and I picked the hilliest route ever.  I could tell right from the first mile that my legs weren't so peppy.  Literally I was running up a hill about 3 miles from the end and the wind was so loud that I couldn't even hear my Ipod.  All I could hear was the wind and my heavy breathing!  Sexy....I had to laugh it was so ridiculous and I thought "the only way I could be going slower is if I was going backward!"  I didn't dare look at my Garmin because I figured I would see my 12 min/mile pace and just start crying!  In the end, it turned out to be 14 miles at 8:25 min/mile pace, which I am ok with, all things considered.  I think the fact that I am doing more of my 'normal' runs (ie 6-10 milers) at a faster pace than before (ie 7:20-7:45min/mile pace) is making 'slow' not be quite as slow?  Atleast that is what I am hoping!

The unpacking continues too!  I got alot accomplished tonite and even mopped out my entry really good.  Much more homey looking.  I tried to vacumn down the stairs (I live in a second floor apartment with a private entrance) but the vacumn cord didn't make it to the last two stairs! (it is a super short cord because the vacumn is seriously from the '80s!)  Oh well.  Atleast most of the stairs are done!

Andd, spring break (ie Passover Break) is in 3 days for me!  I'm going up north this weekend and am sooo excited!  It won't really be a 'break' because I'm working 40 hours next week at the bakery, but atleast a repreve from teaching and driving 100 miles/day. 

Tomorrow: I GET MY NEW CAR!  Yes, lots of new things in my life right now.  I'm sad to see 'my baby' go (ie car I have had for 7 years since I was a junior in high school!) but I'm pumped about the upgrade.  Tomorrow may also be a 'triple tuesday' since I might meet up with my Thursday night group for a track workout!  Yikes - I'm scared!  I haven't done formal speed work (ie not treadmill or hill work) in quite sometime and these guys (yes, all men) are fast!  We'll see....

Ok, I'm using way too many ( )!  I best be off! :)

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  1. yay for the new car! how exciting :)

    and great job on the run. i wish i could pull out those kinds of paces like you do :)

    3 days! you can do it!