Tuesday, March 9, 2010

41- Note: Do not go to the Y to swim at 6pm

The title pretty much says it all.  My swim suffered a bit tonite because of my timing.  6pm = swim lessons = 2 lap lanes = circle swimming with 5 PEOPLE!  It actually was OK as it forced me to really pay attention, focus on my swimming, and keep up the pace so as not to get lapped.  This is tough for me as I mentioned before that swimming is really 'chill' time for me and I'm fairly slow (and OK with that.)  Before I knew it though, my stomach was growling telling me it was time to be done and head home for some dinner!

Run this morning = amazing.  For the simple reason that I felt GOOD.  My legs were frozen from the start because I had to run early when it was still chilly and I'm all about the shorts.  However, after the first mile or so I started to really feel fresh.  Almost like I was being pulled by a string?!?!  In a good way.  I decided to try to make it a sort of 'progressive' run with my pacing because I have a tendency to go out hard and die in races.  I know pacing better is smarter (my marathon PR I actually ran the second half slightly faster which is CRAZY for me to do.)  Sooo, I picked it up as the run went on.  My average pace was nothing special ~8:18/mile average, but the last 3 miles were around or sub 8 which was good and they didn't feel that hard.  I ended the run wanting more, but the whole have-to-go-to-work thing kept me from tacking on any more miles.  It was mostly satisfying in the sense that this 10 miler didn't feel that hard, and was still about 1min/mile faster than I was running a couple of weeks ago.  And I felt good about it. 

Tomorrow is great because I have a short teaching day and a morning off from the bakery! (a rarity)  I have a morning coffee date and an afternoon coffee date with two different friends, plus swim class at night.  And of course an early run to start the day off right.  Hoping for good weather and that 'fresh' feeling again!

Keep it real, home slices! :)


  1. good running is (obviously) the best. and swimming while swimming lessons are going on is one way to get this chica to avoid the pool hahaha. glad you were able to see it positively though :)

    hope the weather holds up for you! and me too!

  2. Phew, I thought you were going to say you got ambushed by the Village People and young men doing whatever they feel, getting clean, having a good meal... huh?

    I hope you have a great day -- should be at least a good one with two coffee dates.