Friday, March 5, 2010

45- Sun! How I've missed you!

Today was one of those days that makes you remember why you have suffered through yet another Michigan winter- the sun was out, it was 40 degrees, snow was melting....ahhhhmazing.  My run felt positively 'playful.'  I was done with both jobs for the day, had driven to my parents' house, the sun was out, and I was jumping in and around puddles.  I hit a 8:05/mile pace effortlessly, which was really nice- feeling fresh even in the afternoon (I'm a TOTAL morning runner.)  I even parked at the gym so that I could strength train post run.  The gym here is so nice in the sense that I used to get PT done there in high school, and my parents pay to workout there, but they all know me and don't make me pay!  So I can workout for free when I'm at my parents' house which is great.

The rest of my day was spent trying to sort through my whole life, basically.  My upcoming move to my new apartment in a couple of weeks has spurred my parents to get me "completely" moved out- ie requiring I go through EVERY drawer, underbed container, closet, etc in my room.  I didn't realize how much stuff I had here still and it is proving to be quite a project.  Oh well.  I know it will feel good having EVERYTHING in my new place when it is all done and I feel good giving things away to charity that are sitting unused. 

Oh!  And my NEW CAR is here!  It is soooo cute, but unfortnately I cannot yet drive it because I am still waiting on getting the title and insurance transferred into my name.  What a tease it is sitting in the garage......

Okk, well, I'm off to bed really soon.  4am wakeup tomorrow, and not to run but because I need to get back to A2 to work at the bakery by 6am and I gotta make the drive from my parents!  Ollie (the cat) better appreciate this!  It will be another afternoon, after work shift run tomorrow so I may do it in A2 before driving back to the parents.  Or, I may start driving back and pull off randomly at some city and go for a run. (I've done this several times before!)  We shall see!  I'll be so happy to be off at 2pm and have my 'weekend.'

Have a good one! :)  Hope it is warm and sunny where you are!


  1. Sun, sun, GLORIOUS sun. Except I sort of fear the sun, too (melanoma), but that's neither here no there.

    I also love giving things that other people would like better. It's a great deed to do. Way to go, T!

  2. sounds like a perfect march day!! sun, snow melting = muddy (or at least the potential) and an effortless run?! what more could you ask for?!