Saturday, March 20, 2010

30- WHEW!

You know when you are so tired but don't realize it because you are going 100 miles an hour, and then you finally sit down and feel it all catch up to you?  Yeah, that just happened to me!

Well, its official- I am in my new place.  It was another whirlwind of a day that started with an early run and is ending very soon with my officially trying out my bed! :)  Honestly, the run seems like it took place on a different day, because the day was so crazy.  I cannot thank my parents enough (and the movers they hired!) for helping me through today!  I still have *alot* of unpacking to do, but atleast the kitchen/bath are clean and put away + clothes so it feels like a home.

Honestly, it is weird being here, at my new place.  It seems quiet, perhaps because I don't have the TV on like I usually do when I'm home (haven't got cable yet, mooching wireless right now!)  It was much more difficult/emotional leaving my old place than I imagined.  My mom really saved me by going back and helping me clean the final time and being there for moral support!  It would have been sooo much more difficult to do alone.  Now, I'm in this new place and it feels like I'm at someone elses' house!  Like it is really nice and all, but doesn't quite feel broken in or something.  Like I haven't made it my own yet.

Oh jeez, now I'm babbling and the exhaustion is talking!  I best just get my booty off to bed.  SO EXCITED to sleep in my big bed in my own place at last!  Cut-back long run tomorrow- after ALOT of sleep.

Hope all is well where you are! :)

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  1. hope you are able to get some good sleep tonight! sounds like it was a whirlwind day