Tuesday, February 2, 2010

76 now? and WTF

With the hope in trying to keep my blog from being a constant bitch fest, I won't go into details about how horrible my day was today.  Let's just say that it culminated with one of my 11th grade students yelling "WTF!" really loud, right when the principle walked by.  And no, he did not use the letter abbreviation.  Yeah, I looked really cool and professional at that moment....  Then, driving home, it was snowing and there was a horrible accident on the freeway (going eastbound, I was going westbound) and they closed the freeway because it was a fatal accident.  For some reason it really shook me up because I drive that direction on the way to work and I drive so much and I kept doing the whole "that could have been me!" thing.  I almost started crying by the time I got to physical therapy just because I was so tired and burnt out!  My PT wants me to wait a few more days for things to heal more and hit the elliptical really hard instead.  I don't think I can resist though.  Atleast he said he didn't need to see me tomorrow which means a) I may sneak a run in and b) I can have a good, easy morning because I don't teach till later and don't have to work at the bakery (finally).  Ok, time to end this.  I'm edging on getting whiney again!  Off to watch Biggest Loser and eat a smoothie while reading Runners' World.  Atleast a good night to end my crazy day...


  1. what a terrible day! hope that TBL loser will cheer you up. i'm going to try to catch it online tmrw at some point, hopefully the red team will get some sense knocked into them!

  2. sorry you had such a rough day! i just found your blog through the larabar fan of the day...hope tomorrow is much better for ya!