Tuesday, February 23, 2010

55- Lovin' life and the like

Good evening out there!

First off, I'll admit it: I love being busy.  I really do.  And I love not being a student.  When I was a student, I HATED the feeling of having to study and always needing to do more.  Business = stress.  Now a days, I really do love life most of the time.  I AM super busy much of the time, but it's a good kind of busy.  Teaching, prepping my lessons, running, working at the bakery, appointments, swimming, the Y, social life.  I really love it all in the sense that every day has a cadence to it, but is a bit different.  I'm SO NOT the 9-5 type worker, and I love that between my two jobs and my working out, each day feels new and fresh.  I get home after being gone all day, unpack everything, clean and make coffee, repack everything, and feel ready for the next day- good feeling.  Don't get me wrong- its not all roses and butterflies: sometimes my students drive me nuts, I have bad runs, I don't feel like getting in the pool, and it stinks to have to be at the bakery at 6am, but overall life. is. good.  I'm so happy to have student life behind me and be like a real person!

Ok, with that corny introspection behind me- onto the run!  Today was a lovely 10 miles over snow and ice covered sidewalk.  Since the town I live in is so 'green' and lots of people bus or bike around, the sidewalks are *usually* fairly clear.  However, cars had splashed water/snow onto the sidewalks in places, that then refroze overnight making for a slick run.  This route is a tough one and because of the conditions my pace was slow, but I ended feeling stronger than I had in awhile.  I'm feeling pretty positive about my progress over the last 2 or 3 weeks only of running.  I'm hoping it continues!

In other news, my PT wants me to get my SI joint (the injured one in my pelvis) 'injected.'  I am still having pain occasionally there and he thinks it may solve it for good.  I'm nervous because it is not horrible right now, and the last thing I want is for it to get worse.  Anyone have experience with having injections for pain reduction?  I would also have to take a day or two off of running, which isn't cool.  So I'm wondering if it is all worth it.....

Ok, well I'm off to the 'unpack, clean, coffee, repack' stage of my night.  Bright and early bakery morning tomorrow!

Keep it real out there! :)

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  1. being busy defines my life too and i definitely wouldn't have it any other way.

    glad you had a strong run. i hate it when the conditions are poor to run in though because i never equate that to being the reason i have a slower pace. glad you can see it though :)