Tuesday, February 16, 2010

62- another snowy tuesday, and breaking down to build up

Just like last Tuesday's 10 miler, today's 8 miler was all about slipping and sliding over snow!  Although today, the only time the snow fell was during the hour or so I chose to run!  Laaaame.

Today's run was *ok*.  Not as bad as yesterday, but not awesome either.  I'm pretty good at reading my body and I know with me increasing my milage so fast, I'm right at the threshold where my legs feel fairly tired day to day, but will soon 'breakthrough' the wall and handle even high milage effortlessly.  I'm all about the 'breaking down to build up' idea.  I remember feeling this way over the summer when my body adjusted to 80+ miles per week, which was a new high for me.  Hoping for the 'breakthrough' soon though!

As far as my training schedule for Boston overall- I've obviously had to revamp it.  I'm leery to plan it all out again because honestly, I had a day-by-day calander of Jan/Feb planned out and it depressed me that because of my injury, I could not accomplish the runs I had so meticulously dictated.  Instead, I'm keeping a loose idea in my head.  9 weeks.  This week and next I'm going to focus on building up my milage to an acceptable level, while not stressing about pace and including only 1 speed workout/week.  Then weeks 7, 6, 5, and 4 are going to be all about high intensity and good milage.  I want to feel EXHAUSTED by the end of those weeks, before the last few weeks of taper.  I'm hoping this plan works out and am only going to plan week by week in detail.

Back at the bakery at 6am tomorrow.  It is nice that I only have to work 6am-12pm and then have the rest of the day off because I'm on winter break from teaching this week! :)



  1. hope you get that breakthrough. i totally know what youre talking about too. just be careful, i know i sometimes push too hard. but it sounds like you know your body well.

    and i agree that i wish we lived close! i would LOVE to run with you. that would be amazing

  2. I have a feeling Maiden and T-Mart would be an unstoppable running team. Could I cheer on the side? I was a high school cheerleader...

    You have a real skill for building a training pln!

  3. I'm with ee I'm good at the cheering part. Not so much I'm the high mileage though :)