Thursday, February 4, 2010

74- fab five-er

Good evening all!

Hit up a 5 miler this morning and it went fairly well.  Actually I've been really down the last few days and when I got up this morning early-ish (because I teach full days on T/TH) I was totally 'out of it.'  Soon enough I was off and running and it felt sooooo good.  It was a balmy 23 degrees, the pavement was mostly dry, and it felt almost 'spring like' out.  My first mile felt effortless in 7:40.  I settled down and ended up completing the run at a 8:25/mile pace which I'm pleased with because that is my normal 'easy' pace and I did it pretty comfortably even after all of the time off.  Maybe there is hope for me?

PT tonite too.  They make everything all better. 

I am SO PUMPED tomorrow is Friday after my hell-ish teaching week because a) I have a short(er) work day, b) I'm going home for the night to help my mom (and hopefully score some free food) c) I get to work a 10am-6pm shift at the bakery on Saturday instead of 6am-2pm!! :) sleeps :)

Smoothie time for t-mart...peace out!


  1. wow after a lay off and youre still so fast?! girl i am impressed!! glad to see youre feeling great too. a good run can do that :)

  2. I know you've had a rough week -- just wanted to say that I hope it keeps getting better and that you're holding your head up high SO well!