Sunday, February 21, 2010

57- good friend + good weather = good times + good run

Oh man!  What a day!

First, the good stuff- today's long run of 16 miles.  I FINALLY reconnected with my training buddy for a lovely 16 miler.  We set off at 8am, which was crazy-early for her, and nice and late for me!  The weather was lovely, 28* and partly sunny- perfect shorts weather! :)  I planned a nice route that took us through the rolling country side north of the city where traffic was sparse, and we could run in the street easily enough.  My training bud is odd in that she always has me plan the routes and I never tell her where we are going or the distance along the way (I know because I wear my Garmin).  She likes the surprise/not thinking about it I guess, although it would personally drive me nuts!  But then again, I have an OCD where I can only run on the left side of people, so I shouldn't talk.  But I digress.....

Let me tell you- if you ever want a long run to fly by, just run it with a close friend that you haven't seen in a month or so- so much conversation makes the run breeeeeze by.  We took turns talking about school (for her), work (for me), boy/boy troubles, training, summer, the Boston jacket ;) and everything in between.  I couldn't believe when 2:14 minutes were up and we were done!  16 miles at a 8:19/mile pace were just fine with me!

The rest of my day was filled with a bit of craziness.  I got home, showered and scarfed down a late light b-fast of egg whites and spinach, thinking I would be eating right after church.  But, after rushing to church, I was out doing the 'secret news work' that I keep speaking of on here (don't get excited, I'm just not saying what it is because I want it to be a sure thing and don't want to jinx it!)  My PSA for the day regarding this is: CARRY SNACKS IN YOUR PURSE, CAR, ETC AT ALL TIMES!  These driving and walking errands I am speaking of, took me until 5pm when I still hadn't eaten lunch!!  Yikes.  Much too long for me to go the whole day on egg whites and spinach- not to mention, a long run day too!  I woofed down a sandwich and am now trying to unbury my apartment from crap/clean.  Whew.  I wish I had time to grocery shop, but that may have to wait until tomorrow.

Back teaching tomorrow- I feel ready, but another week off wouldn't bug me too much either! 

Off to ice everything (my legs are feeling pretty OK, other than stiffness from all the hills!), stretch, and roll out.  And I may see a frozen yogurt dinner in my future.....

Start the week off great everyone! :)

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  1. now you make me want to high-tail it to my hometown and drag my running buddy out for a run!

    and i probably have a grocery store in my purse/bags. for reals. so good tip :) hahaha