Saturday, February 13, 2010


Literally, the day after my first day feeling like I'm 'back' (ie Thursdays' great 15 miles) I am so so sick and struggling!  I'm getting so frustrated with everything right now.

Got up at 6am to run 6 miles before driving an hour to the bakery for work.  They were *ok* miles but I could feel the illness/nyquil coma and my eyes were watering the whole time- annoying!  Plus, in my hometown the roads and routes are flat and fairly boring.  Work day was loooong and busy.  Usually I work in the kitchen for my normal 6am-2pm shift on Saturdays.  But, today I was up front in the shop and it was super busy/nonstop for my entire 10am-6pm shift.  We sold lots of apple-bacon donuts and bacon pepper farm bread (both on specials today, yeah, we love the pig....)  By the end of the shift my back was hurting and I had to drive the hour back home to my parents.  I almost made it home but had to get gas in a sketch-tastic area because I was aftraid I was going to run out!  Now, finally I'm home with Ollie in my lap, it is hardly 7pm and I'm exhausted and thinking about bed.  Tomorrow is a long run, supposively, so we'll see how that goes.  Atleast I can have a good, long sleep and slow morning before heading out.  My eating has been spotty and not great, so I gotta get that back on track too in order to promote better healing power!
Sorry for the depressing post!  I'm just bummed about being sick.  In positive news, I officially have 3 DAYS without either job! :) :) :)


  1. maybe your body was just really shocked at that 15 mile day and that's why you don't feel well? get some sleep girl! a good night of sleep is a total panacea :)

  2. I know you love your sleep, so indulge in lots of it. And beeeee nice to yourself! I know, I'm being annoying and mom-ish. ;) But you deserve it.