Wednesday, February 10, 2010

68- snow day

Does it make me a bad person that I would rather not have a snow day, and not have snow!?!?!  I. hate. snow.

Today was indeed a snow day, but fortunately my parents live in a condo in which they plow really early in the day, so I was able to do my run on a 1/2 mile x 1/2 mile loop basis.  It actually was fun and I got to run/chat with my mom for a bit, plus get in a bit of strength work at the gym.  So overall, a good situation.

I also got lots of work done and am ready to tackle the next 2 days of teaching before WINTER BREAK! :)  yeah, I'm alittle bit excited about this.  I'm going to have a week off from teaching and 3 whole days without either job!  Yay.

I got my hair cut short today.   Pretty fun.  I'm super low-maintenence, so I'm hoping I can maintain this look but we will see.  I have a track record of sucking at hair...

Now, time to catch up on a bit more work.  Not much else to report.  I wish all the snow would melt overnight.....

1 comment:

  1. gah i hate the snow too. but i'm glad you got a day with yo' momma out of it :)

    i need a hair cut desperately. jealous that you got one :)