Thursday, February 18, 2010

60- the only thing better than doubles are TRIPLES!

Ahh, if only every day was like today and I didn't have to work!

I'm going to try to make this snappy, in order to spare y'all, and cuz I got an early morning tomorrow.  Today was a fabulous TRIPLE workout day!  The morning began with a 5 mile treadmill mini workout with pickups at MP and tempo pace.  After I was good and sweaty, I stretched until I was able to *barely* pull my sexy one piece suit over my sweaty body and hop in the pool.  A swim was long overdo and felt great on my muscles.  The afternoon was spent spring cleaning lots and lots of old papers out of my apartment (including 2 year old bank statements/bills!) and doing some errands, as well as I *big decision* that I will reveal later when I find out if it will actually happen.  Suddenly it was almost 6pm and time for Thursday night running group.  It was 30 degrees and I got to run in shorts and for the first half of the run- no headlamp!  The guy I run with and I broke away from the rest of the group from the start and ended up running a lovely dirt road loop (which was much less dangerous than last weeks' 10 miler on the main roads!)  We completed almost 8 miles at a 8 min/mile pace which felt great.

Now I'm icing EVERYTHING and eating EVERYTHING and getting ready for a busy day of work and appointments tomorrow!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Ps. Womens' downhill = crazy.  But in a good way! :)


  1. You best be sharin' the news when you get it. Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. girl triple session?! youre so crazy but in a great way. i wish i could do that!!

    can't wait to hear the news.

    p.s. thanks for the awesome comment today. it made me smile :)

  3. wow what an intense workout day today!! I wish I had the time to do that kind of thing every day to...ahhh the lives of professional athletes!!