Tuesday, February 9, 2010

69- is it spring yet?

OK< rant insuing....

If you are a teacher, show alittle maturity.  I know that snow days are really exciting and teachers want them more than the students, but honestly, don't make it so obvious!  And stop 'rooting' on the snow.  Seriously, is your life that lame that it only revolves around whether or not you have to go to work?  Do you not realize that snow means crappy slow driving, no running, minimal leaving of the house, more car accidents, cold, ice, blah blah!?!?!  So if your life is that narrow and meaningless that all you care about is getting out of a day of work that you are being paid to do anyway, please work on that.

/end rant

Seriously, the attitude of teachers can be so ridiculous!  We are expecting/getting tons of snow right now, but honestly, I am hoping against a snow day just so people get over themselves.  Seriously....

In other news, my run today was.....interesting.  I got to 'sleep in' until 6am which felt good compared to yesterday.  For some reason, this equated to it being light out in my head, although it was not when I started.  I was trying to beat the snow, but it already started to freezing-mist when I was about a mile in.  I also decided it would be a great day to do 10 miles in case I'm confined to the treadmill and decided to do some serious hills.  I set out on a dark dark road where the only lights are cars shining their brights in my face at the pre-7am hour with freezing mist in my face and where it is completely uphill.  The beauty of this particular route is the fact that after the first 4.5 uphill miles, you turn and get a gentle downhill.  Well, although it was light at this point, the ground was covered in a thin ice-mist-snow mix that was slick so I could not enjoy the downhill.  Also, the combo of running, long day, swimming yesterday made my leggies a bit tired.  Needless to say, my pace was not stellar, but I finished it nonetheless, setting a post-injury distance PR in harsh conditions.  My eyelashes were frozen when I returned home.  Yeah, should have gotten a pic of that....

Soooo, now I'm at my parents house because they live so much closer to the school I teach at which made my commute home waaaayyy better.  WHEN we STILL have school tomorrow, it will be easier to get back to work as well.  Did I ever mention that I have a great bed here?  Well I do.  Which = good sleeps tonite.   Yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with sleeping. 

Stay warm and run long! :)

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  1. i completely agree with the rant! how is that teaching kids to enjoy being at school when the teachers are actively wanting to NOT be there.

    and great run. you are bouncing back wicked nicely :) woot!!

    and i'm so glad that you'd be down for a meetup at boston. let's get PUMPED :)