Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Finally!  I can start calling myself a runner again after a whopping 3 miler this morning!  I have to say, I think it was a success in that I had minimal pain while running and haven't had any for the rest of the day (knock on wood).  From a fitness standpoint, I think I'm in *OK* shape.  Not totally good, but not horrible either and I'm hoping it will come back with time fairly quickly.  I also had a really good swim class tonite in which the instructor killed us by making us work on flip turns and stroke drills.  It was cool though because it was only me and one other guy (instead of 4 people) so it was basically like a private lesson.

Hoping for sommore running tommorrow and minimal soreness.  My life outside of running/swimming is still basically in the crapper so I need something right now to go off of.

Keep it real peeps.

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  1. AWESOME!! i'm sure youre in good fitness shape but, like you said, for a little bit you might feel out of running shape. that's 100% NORMAL so don't overdo it. ;) i need to meet you in boston!!