Monday, February 15, 2010

63- Character Building

Today's run was just that- Character Building.  I've recently gotten 'into' this phrase whenever I'm doing something that is really tough.  Today, as I ran through the snow with my tight legs and my slow pace I thought "hmm, today's run sucks, but it sure is character building!"  I had a really good attitude going into the run, but my legs never "woke up" and they felt tight the whole time.  It was meant to be an easy 7 miler, but it turned out to be a 7 miler that wasn't so easy.  4 miles up to the gym, then 3 with my mom.  Thankfully, the 3 miles with mama went by fast as they always do with our conversation and such and because we took a new route around the surrounding subdivision.  I'm so fortunate to be able to run with my mom (and pop!).  Fortunate to have healthy parents and share my favorite activity with them.

Easy strength workout at the gym afterward.  Although, I focused mostly on stretching because I think my lack-there-of yesterday effected me today.  And, I'm still paranoid about doing too much ab work because of my pelvis.  I'm not going to stress too much about the run, because I basically went from 3.5 weeks of no running, to almost 60 miles last week.  Not nearly my ideal milage, but a pretty big jump.

The rest of my afternoon was spent like this:

Me doing an infinity of prep work, Ollie laying on the heater on the kitchen floor...

My goal is to have all of my prep work done for next week by tomorrow so that I can spend the rest of break NOT THINKING ABOUT TEACHING!  I like it, but a mental break is needed.  Plus, after tomorrow it is back to my apartment and my bakery job.

In other news, my mom who is an occasional reader of my blog commented that I sound very "stream of consciousness."  She was asking me "why do you say some of the stuff you say?"  Legit question.  I guess I just type as it comes.  I know I don't have very many readers, so I don't have alot to lose, ya' know?

Alrighty, that's it for my prep work break!

Peace Out Home-slices! :)


  1. You inspire me! I bet your students admire you a lot. I wouldn't dream of coming to your class unprepared (but I mean that nicely -- like I'd want to impress Ms. T-Mart).

  2. haha to the stream of consciousness. i like it. bummer about the run being hard but youre 100% right. it's character building and youll be able to use it when you have to dig down deep in the future