Wednesday, February 17, 2010

61- REDEMPTION, snow ice packs, and salami-smelling hands....

Wow, I got 4 comments yesterday! New record :)

Soooo, I have to get some sort of award for most random blog titles, right?  Those three phrases pretty much sum up my run today so here goes.......

After contemplating my run for today and deciding against waking up pre-4am to run before my bakery shift, I decided to bring my clothes to work and just run from there.  It isn't all that far from my apartment, but sometimes it is fun to have a new start/end point.  Plus, I have this nasty habit of taking naps the second I hit the door of my apartment after an early work shift, so I wanted to avoid this.  I was worried though, because although I only had a 6 hour shift, my job is 100% on my feet/semi-physical so sometimes my legs are tired after the shift.  Today I actually think it worked in my favor to have a 6 hour 'warmup' so-to-speak. :)

The morning began well, with me setting a new PR on my sandwich making- got them done at warpspeed, including the grilled cheeses (because Wednesday= grilled cheese day= extra 30 sandwiches for T-mart to make.)  The shift flew by, and suddenly I was up front in the shop helping with the lunch rush as the time ticked past blood pressure was seriously rising because I just wanted to get out and run!  Finally it was almost 12:30 and I jetted out of there so I could do a strip tease....err...change in my car in the parking lot, because I'm classy like that.  And I was off!

Originally I planned to run to the Y, strength train, and run back but immediately my legs felt too good to stop.  I wasn't even out of the parking lot and I could tell this run would be waaaaay better than the last few.  Finally, time for REDEMPTION!  I don't know if it was the balmy temps (high 20s), or semi-dry pavement (only random spots were covered in snow), but I felt GOOD.  I had some seriously good jams going on the ipod-diggity and spent the first half of the run running downhill into the city, then back out at an even FASTER pace.  Yay!  In my fantasy world, I would run Boston that way as the second half of it KILLED me last year.  But, doubtful it will happen given my history of being a fast starter, then die kind of runner.

My shins were *alittle* sore as I was running, but then I got a brillant idea (don't all the best ideas come from running?)  Nature was providing an endless supply of ice packs all around me- snow!  Sooo, stopped at a stoplight, I picked up some snow and rubbed it on my shins- genius!  It was helpful that I was wearing my half-tights (because of forementioned balmy temps) and it was just the fix I was looking for.  Finally, I reason for snow.

Which brings me to the final piece of my title. I was really pumped because I didn't have to wear gloves (it was that warm.) Butttt....FYI:  If you slice salami during the last hour of your shift, even if you wash your hands alot, they will smell like salami when you begin to sweat.  And you will notice when you touch your face.  Every time.  Noted.

In the end, it was a great 9 miles.  It wasn't so much that the pace was AMAZING (~8:40/mile) (although it was better than the last few days) but it was the fact that it truly felt effortless, and I ended the run wanting more.  Drove to the Y and had a good strength session too.  By that time it was 3pm and my lunch-less self was starvin!  Swim class was cancelled for tonite because "the pool is too cold." Yeah, direct quote.  Sooo, I'll be hitting up the Y for a swim tomorrow fer sure.

So basically my mom is going to hate this post because it is totally stream-of-consciousness and my sister is going to hate it because it is so long!  But, if you are neither of those people and you managed to get through it- congrats! :)

Off to go wash my hands....again...then to church! :)

Peace, Love, and Running,


  1. ouch for salami hands! that must have made for an interesting run haha

  2. Certain smells stay with you all day. I've never experienced salami, and I am going to take your word for it. I also realize that the concept of "experiencing salami" is kind of gross-sounding...

  3. ha, I just lol-ed at the idea of 'experiencing salami' (because i'm a 12 year old boy at heart!)

  4. I've done the same thing with tuna before! sooo gross...especially in the summer, when its like 100 degrees!