Friday, February 12, 2010

66- WINTER BREAK and illness strikes!

There's my baby Ollie!  He asked to be on the blog tonite. ;)  In this pic he is laying on my friends' dry fit that I brought home to wash!  It is on the dryer, which he loves.

Well, good news is that I am on winter break from teaching for a week!  Bad news is, I still have to work my other job (including tomorrow allll day) and I woke up sick with a getting-progressively-worse-all-day cold.  Stocked up on nyquil and am planning on OD-ing on it soon even though it is only 7pm. 

Running wise, not much to report.  My legs recovered nicely from yesterday and I'm looking to get sommore quality runs in the weekend if my illness holds off.  Maybe even try to post some pics so my blog isn't quite as boring.

Question: does anyone know where you can get candy-canes after the season?  I'm obsessed with eating them in the evening and I'm almost out!?!?!


  1. My Oliver says hi to your Oliver. :)


  2. feel better! bummer that you got sick once february break started