Monday, February 8, 2010

70- pretty nuts...even for me

I don't want to come on here and constantly complain about being busy/having lots on my plate but today pretty much was nuts, even for me.  Honestly, I like it this way though.  Let me explain via my schedule...

3:45am!!! wake up (think, "yeah, I'm a bad ass")
4:00am run 6 miles, relaxed in 7 degree darkness, get cleaned up for work, chug a chocolate milk
6:00am-12pm bakery job!
12pm-1pm commute to teaching
1pm-4:30 teaching job
4:30-5:30 commute back
5:30-6:30 swim! at the crowded Y
7pm- buy new running shoes to celebrate surviving the day (oh, and cuz your others have like100000 miles on them!
7:45pm (ie now)
smoothie and sleep to follow soon after...

Yeah, getting up at 3:45am was a new record, but I am sooo glad I did it!  Left the evening open for a much-needed shake out swim.  The swim was a bit annoying, caught circle swimming with a weirdo wearing flippers and soccer shorts and another guy who kept getting all up in my grill.  Forced me to go fast and really push it though, because I have a serious ego.  The run was good too!  My legs were alittle more tired than yesterday, but my pace didn't drop that much and the pelvis seems to be holding up (knock on wood)!

Lame that we are going to get like a foot of snow on Tues/Wed.  I can handle this cold, cold weather, but snow- I hate it!  I run too much and commute too far to deal with it! 

Off to complete my day via smoothie and futon relaxation...peace out!

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  1. girl you make me feel so lazy when i look at your schedule! i have a serious ego too so i'm wicked excited for t-70 days when i get to meet you!! although since i have said ego, you might crush it haha. i kind of think we'd really get along so hopefully we'd get to see each other. before the gun goes off because youre going to smoke me :)